What You Need To Know About Sungai Lembing Museum

World Largest Tin Mining Is In Sungai Lembing
Museum Sungai Lembing plays an important role in spreading information and exhibits historical evidences about tin mining in Sungai Lembing with concomitant with the status that it was the world’s largest tin mining, richest town and the main distributor of tin mining in Pahang.

The Museum was officially opened on 23 April 2005. Museum Sungai Lembing is located at the hill and you have to climb up the hill to reach the museum. You have to park the cars at the bottom of the hill. It is free to enter the museum.


History of Building this Museum
The main objective to build this museum is to recall the history of tin mining of Sungai Lembing and the people who are involved in it for the current and future generations.

It is also built to preserve and gather the national information about the museum so that to maintain the history, culture including artifacts, monuments and other remains in Sungai Lembing.It also attracts visitors who love history of heritage, the country, and for them to gain some knowledge.Museum is built to spread information to researchers and history lovers and intensify efforts towards the historical documentation associated with it.


Museum Rest On Hill To The East
The museum building is located on the hill to the east towards Kenau River. Originally the building was the residence of the managers of large companies tin mine in Sungai Lembing.

The buildings structure is based on the colonial-vertical designs and it has its own chronological history of construction. Starting with small-sized buildings, with roofs made of nip leaves and peeled woods, they are modified from time to time.


Collections at Museum Sungai Lembing
Sungai Lembing Museum exhibits a collection of the original mining used for the subterranean tin mining in Sungai Lembing. It is very amazing to know that Sungai Lembing was once played a pivotal role in the contribution towards economy and tin mining.

The wooden moulds used for making spare parts for the machines that operated in the factories is the one of the interesting pieces. There is also a kiew wheel and a winch, which are used as a part of the equipment to raise or lower mining workers, goods, wood, or iron in the tunnel, as well as for hauling the ore. The collections in the museum are arranged in order. They are kept very clean and the information gathered that are very useful to everyone.


What Else To See Nearby Sg Lembing Museum?
When you are here, you not only visit museum but also a deer-breeding farm, waterfall and hot spring, Mount Tapis Recreational Park, the Charax Cave’s “Sleeping Buddha”, Panorama Hill and Recreational Forest.


Souvenirs at Sungai Lembing Museum
Visitors will be able to buy souvenirs for their family and friends at the D’Mine Shoppe handled by the museum staff itself.
This store offers all sorts of souvenirs such as mugs, watches, caps, T-shirts, tin products and historical books relating to Sungai Lembing which are very beautiful and attractive.

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