How Do I Get To Panorama Hill – Sg Lembing

To go to Panorama Hill, you can use public transport. You have to go to Kuantan and go to nearby Bus Terminal in Kuantan. There you have to take a local bus that goes to Sungai Lembing.

You can also take taxi from Kuantan Bus Terminal if you want and can afford. Both the bus and the taxi will stop at Sungai Lembing.

At Sungai Lembing town, you can witness Hainan & Khek Associates and opposite of it there is a road between Country View Inn and a food centre. You just need to walk on the road passing by a school on your right till the end.

At the end,you just turn left and you will see a flight of stairs. The trail starts at the flight of stairs. If you continue going up the strails, then you will reach the Panorama Hill.

Mesmerizing Clouds at Panorama Hill to Die For

At the top of the Panorama Hill, you can see beautiful nature and the clouds which will make you feel very good.

You will get to know that you don’t need to travel abroad to see this scenery because Malaysia itself has it for you.

At the top hill in the morning, you can experience and see mesmerizing clouds around the horizon.

Beautiful Sunrise at Panorama Hill

At the top hill of Panorama Hill, you can see the sunrise. It is very beautiful and you will enjoy this lively experience. Many tourist come to Panorama Hill to see this wonderful sunrise.

Sungai Lembing is a tin mining town in Kuantan, District Pahang, Malaysia. In Sungai Lembing, there is Panaroma Hill which is known as ‘Bukit Panaroma’. Panorama Hill is located just within the walking distance of Sungai Lembing.

The Challenges Faced & Recommendations During The Hill Climb

It is 271 metres tall in height. To reach Panorama Hill, you have to climb up around 1100 steps which is very challenging and interesting experience.

For normal people who always exercise regularly, might take up around half an hour, while people who are new to these and don’t really exercise might take up around 45-60 minutes to reach the top of the hill.

The best time to reach this Panorama Hill is at the dawn. So it is advisable to start climbing the hill around 5.30am and just assume that can be reached in less than an hour.

If you feel that, you will take some more time to reach the top then it is advisable to leave even early that is around 5.00am so that you will never miss out the beautiful sunrise moment.

Satefy You Must Take During Your Hill Climb

In Panorama Hill, it has cemented staircases and hand railing in between. The main purpose for this facility is safety. Safety is an important aspect.

It has also to make us feel convenient for us to walk and climb the hill. It is really advisable to bring torch light since climbing is being done at the early morning which is very dark.

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